how to take off axle nut. Step 4: Removing the Brake Caliper. Make sure the car is still on the ground (otherwise you will need someone to hold the brakes while you do this). To remove the axle nut, you'll first need to pry out the indentation on the nut using a chisel or strong flathead screwdriver. For installation, also install the tire first, and then tighten the nut to tightness, and then calculate your torque for the breaker bar based on your body weight. Remove the retaining ring in the cup. If it is a solid axle type, remove axle nuts. Remove the axle nut (#21 in Figure 2) with an impact gun. Harley Davidson Softail: How to Replace Wheel Bearings. Flathead Ford Rear Axle Service. Long mounting bolt (12 pt/10 mm) 2. When I've had to do them without air tools (i. You can actually do this before you jack up the car if you can access the nut via a center cap, etc. Step 15: Reinstall the CV axle by inserting the axle splines into the hub by hand. replace With new ones at time Of assembly. Once the spindle nut is off 3 bolts hold the bearing unit and axles. " The best way to remove the keyway is with a pick and a magnet. Step 1 Lift the wheel from which you want to remove the axle nut off the ground. Place a jack under the axle to support it. Once you have that done, take off the washer and pull the wheel off. i was trying to remove the rear axle, and one of the axle nuts has 2 allen screws that tighten down against the axle to prevent the nut from turning. Remove the nut and wheel bearing, then carefully lift the hub off the axle. Greased nut, courtesy of s2000ellier. How to remove rear brake drum on '92 Dodge D250 3/4 ton. Refer to the differential removal procedure in this section for specific details. This Guy Went Through Hell To Remove One Nut From His Honda. Get a 10 or 25 pound weight off of your barbell (weight set) or borrow a neighbors. This can shorten the life of wheel and damage wheel bearings. Use a new pinion yoke too, anything from a junkyard isn't worth your time. Using a breaker bar, and still cannot move the spindle nut. This tutorial will teach you how to restore your truck axle to new, or better, condition. If necessary, remove the wheel studs (1) from the wheel hub and bearing using a. Repeated heating and cooling sometimes does the trick. How To Remove An Axle Nut Without An Impact Youtube. No, the axle nut is a 6 point 36mm. Use an Allen wrench to remove the torque arm bolt. Removing axle nut question. Honda Civic: How To Replace an Axle. This nut is torqued to 100 ft/lbs at the factory. Need help to remove trx 450 Honda rear axle? Jack up the rear of the quad (put a milk crate under it). The post makes it sound like they will just pop right off and I highly doubt that. Pry the teeth of the push nut up until they bend or break, allowing the push nut to be removed from the bolt. MB200 Rear Axle Bolt & Nut. Some straight axles have a special device that should loosen. Acura TSX: How to Replace Wheel Hub and Bearings. Chevy Truck 4wd Front Axle Ball Joint Replacement Instructions. Turn the bolt counterclockwise to loosen and remove. With the axle nut free, we can use a 19mm to remove the upper and lower caliper bolt from the knuckle. Remove the bolt and nut from the wishbone that attaches the shock to the lower control arm (17mm). We have the best Loaner Axle/Spindle Nut Socket for the right price. What's holding me back is actually getting the little bent part of the nut to . PreSet 2-Piece Nut 300 Inner* 200 Outer* NO BACK OFF *PreSet FC medium-duty steer hub is 150 ft-lbs inner, 100 ft-lbs outer. The axle nut is torqued in place really tight so an impact gun is recommended. Remove the lock nuts from the axle. How to replace CV axle on 03 TL S. PDF Dana 60 Manual Rear axle. 03 SO 2wd 530,000 miles and counting. 2nd Gen Ram Tech - Front Axle Nut Removal 2500 4x4 - There seems to be something at every turn. If that is loose, the bearings may walk in and out of the bearing housing in the trailing arm and stub axle as well. Remove rear tires and nuts/bolts from end of swingarm (the ones used to tighten or loosen chain). To remove the axle u-joint first remove the C clips from the inside of the u-joints. Audi A6 C6: How to Replace Wheel Hub and Bearings. Then it's the two bolts at the knuckle on the rear or the nuts on the ball joints at the front. To prevent the hub from rotating I put two lug nuts back on (to . Front axle nut socket size. Don't forget to remove your spacers! lol. Place the jack under the rear axle of the vehicle; Remove the bolt and fittings from the springs and the axle is ready to take out. Loosen off the chain adjusters. Then start disassembling the brakes by removing the caliper bolts and the bracket bolts. How do you remove axle cap nuts?. Some machines will have a stake nut here instead. How to: Remove and Install a Bearing with Timken Shaft Guarding Technology for Setscrew Units. Repeat the prying at 180° intervals, moving the cap a millimeter or two each time until the cap comes off. Socket Size to Remove Nuts on Axle Bearings. The left side of the axle is fitted with a hex hole. (12" wrench or pliers with full hand force. An untouched staked wheel nut from the factory. If your crank has the pre-load nut (I think that's what you are referring to as the "plastic part") on it, loosen the locking screw and back the pre-load nut off prior to re-installing the crankset. Help removing front axle hub nut. How to change a rear wheel bearing on an E30. The right angle socket end has a hole allowing the motor's wire to pass through. The hubs or drive flanges must be removed to gain access to the wheel bearing nuts. To prevent the hub from turning, put a prybar between two of the wheel studs and against the ground, then loosen the nut. Lower the jack and remove the front wheel lug nuts using a lug wrench counterclockwise. Secondly, fit a breaker bar to the axle nut socket and turn it in an anticlockwise direction to remove the axle nut. Remove the wheel from the vehicle as well. Remove the (2) 19MM nuts holding the hub to the strut. Loosening stuck axle nuts from the axle stub. Remove the cotter pin from the upper ball joint castle nut. I'm not an idiot, but I can't remove the front axle nuts. Two of them are real and when you remove them the top hat will fall off. Trouble Removing Spindle Nut On Dexter 10K Axle. Now it's time to back the brake lining off with the aid of an adjuster. Remove the tapered axle and clean off the axle key. I didn't shoot a photo of that as it's pretty obvious. Note the distance between the nuts and the fork. Will work on any 30mm 12 point nut. DIY: Replace front axle components. How To: 2007 Honda Ridgeline Front Axle Replacement (Video. It appears my wheel bearing has gone bad (finally @ 150k) and i'm in the middle of replacing the front hub assembly. Harley uses a Threadlocker on these bolts, so a bit of heat. Now take the 12mm (or 7/16″) allen socket (8mm for 1300's) for the left side of the axle and the 27mm (or 1 1/16″) socket for the right side and break the axle nut loose - do not remove it yet. This is a super high quality tool set for one specific purpose. axle nut size and removal tool. Remove the four nuts that hold the wheel bearing and hub assembly to the knuckle and remove the assembly. #Pro tip: Prepare a small hardware tray to keep all the small. The next step is to take off the brake caliper, which has two 15mm bolts holding it in place from behind. I have the rotor off and brake caliper and the 3 hub bolts off but the large bolt I guess is an axle bolt in a spin …. If you're doing it without a gun, try popping the centre cap out of the wheel, then setting the Foz back on the ground. Upon axle removal the button will get stuck on the axle shaft end with a little film of gear oil and when you pull the axle out it will surely fall off and land into the bottom of the rear end housing as the axle end clears the spline. Remove the nut from the bolt using a socket or adjustable wrench. When finished the cams on both sides of the axle should be butted up against the nubs on the swingarm. Don't use an impact wrench for installing the axle nut. 7: de-stake and remove axle nut. (Related Article: How to Jack Up Your Truck - ChevroletForum. I know this isn't really about a subaru, but I figure an axle nut is an axle nut so let's see if anyone has some good tips. How to Mount an Axle on a Garden Cart. For vehicles equipped with the high performance brakes (Brembo) proceed to step 4c. To reassemble simply do the reverse. Leaning a heavy tire against a suspended trailer could cause damage to the outside of the trailer or place undue side pressure against a jack,. Use a large screwdriver in your brake rotor to keep everything from spinning. Re: How to remove 1975 Eldo right axle with torsional damper? « Reply #5 on: April 10, 2018, 08:26:14 PM ». How to Change Wheel Bearings: 12 Steps (with. CAUTION: The hub nuts are right-hand thread (right hub) and left-hand thread (left hub). Once you become able to expose the push nut, use the screwdriver and pry it off completely from the surface. If you have clearance issues with the exhaust then a flat or crescent wrench may do the trick with the axle nut on the right side. 0 Rear Axles on a Kawasaki Teryx. Removing axle nut but the axle is spinning. 36mm 12 point socket can also be used on axle . How to properly torque axle nut?. Nuts on the axle clamp down on the dropouts and the hub, keeping the wheel in place. Use a large alloy drift and strike end of axle hard with 12lb lump hammer. The axle nut is on the axle with a lot of torque. This is a more flexible / durable solution for removing two hole hub nut sockets, than a dedicated socket with two pins. Remove the rear driveshaft end from the axle with an 8mm socket wrench and a screwdriver to hold the shaft from spinning. After you have the axle out you can retrieve the button from the housing by removing the third member. Remove the cotter pin by straightening the pin out and pulling it out of the axle. Remove the axle nuts (36mm) with an impact wrench if possible; if not, use a breaker bar. OEMTOOLS 1/2in Drive 6 Point Axle/Spindle Nut Socket Set 8 Piece. Now using your 12 point 30 mm Socket and breaker bar, remove the axle nut from the axle. The axle nuts on the Grizzly are torqued to 190 ft/lbs. When you loosen the nut count the number of turns it takes to remove the nut from the reference point on the old yoke. Ha, I just broke a 1/2" snap-on breaker bar and ratchet tonight trying to get the axle nut off my maxima, even with a torch warming it up for a while too. Ford Axle Removal: Complete Step by Step Instructions. ) If there is a large nut in the drum center, first remove the cotter pin, then remove the nut, followed by the washer. It says to remove the front tire on the drivers side, so I did. You will want to position the jack under the axle hub. Then attach the slide hammer to the axle puller. How do you take the wheels off a Craftsman riding lawn mower?. Use a long ratchet because it won't come off too easily. I bought one years ago, it's accuracy is within 0. Front Axle (CV) Assembly Replacement. After looking for hours and hours the best I can find is a socket for sale for $135 ea (Im canadian so I'll end up paying over $200 plus shipping for one socket!). 125 measurement they would need to be to be perfect. I've removed axles without pullers, .